Third of new employees do not feel ready for the workplace


New research published as Pearson College and Ashridge Business School announce new partnership. New data shows that new employees share their employers’ concerns about how education has prepared them for the modern workplace. The new research, conducted alongside the annual CBI/Pearson business survey, found that many new starters felt unprepared for the world of work. It was found that over 70% of those felt they lacked relevant work experience, nearly a third of new starters (31%) thought they did not have the appropriate work skills when they started their first full time role and 40% did not feel enough time and attention was given to employability at school, university or college.

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College, said “The survey of new starters shows that there is a pressing need for higher education to link more closely to the professional world. High academic standards are vital, and our students will study many traditional business subjects as part of their degree, but this is not enough on its own. This survey, and the wider Pearson/CBI survey, demonstrate that corporate engagement and the chance to develop a sophisticated understanding of the modern business world are also crucial. It is not a question of choosing one or the other – both are essential.”