The working world is changing and the world view getting smaller


ADVO’s Commercial Director, Colin Boxall, was a key speaker at London’s ‘Informa Life Sciences International health and protection conference’, highlighting the growing necessity for the provision of reliable international medical insurance (iPMI) as a fundamental benefit for overseas employees and how a growing market place remains largely untapped. The conference, which was attended by key members of the medical insurance industry, enabled Colin to share his insight on how this vital employee benefit is intrinsically linked to the global nature of today’s business.

Colin explained to the conference that the need for quality international medical insurance does not exclusively lie in the domain of large corporations, but rather spans across large as well as smaller organisations. Colin commented…

“The working world is changing and the world view getting smaller. Businesses often want to affirm an international presence by establishing various offices, branches or departments overseas. Other businesses may need key members of staff to frequently travel on an international basis in order to grow and support their brand. In any case, the effects of globalisation on today’s businesses seems more apparent than ever”.

As mentioned, Colin also stressed that many smaller businesses are also increasingly relying on an international workforce. He commented

“The presence that small businesses have internationally may not be generated through basing entire departments or divisions overseas, but rather key, select employees performing vital functions for the business”.

The provision of international private medical insurance may then fulfil slightly different objectives for businesses of different sizes. For the larger organisations, the provision of international private medical insurance is very much about supporting key areas of the business’s strategy and overall risk management. For the smaller companies, the provision of international medical insurance is more about ensuring those select members of staff, which provide either a permanent of intermittent overseas presence for the company, are properly cared for, giving them complete peace of mind and security.

Boxall also commented:

“I have found that price is an important factor for employers, but more so is the need for reliability and dependability from their medical insurance. For smaller companies without the overseas resources of larger corporations other factors such as the scope of benefits to allow staff to be independent of State healthcare systems with access to local knowledge and support often overrides cost. The right medical insurance goes a long way in fulfilling an employer’s duty of care to the employee and their family.”

Colin went on to highlight the expertise available in the UK and their advantages.

“Look at the UK PMI market. It is stagnant with little innovation. UK Brokers have to realise the extraordinary advantage we have in international markets over competitors around the world with our access to the UK insurance market and approach to client management and compliance.”

ADVO has extensive experience in running International medical plans and currently manages policies from most parts of the world and so can find the right International Health coverage for your employees at the most competitive cost.

When selecting an insurer and level of protection to match your requirements ADVO investigates:

• Overall quality and stability of the insurer;
• Current and future pricing;
• Type of scheme, underwriting and the level of benefits required;
• Standard of claims handling, general administration and local and online support;
• Their ability to adapt to local needs and legislation.

ADVO’s award-winning ‘ADVO Online’ system is ideally suited to multi-site policy management with 24/7 policy management.


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