The Winter edition of Advocate magazine is available now


The Winter edition of Advocate magazine is now available on ADVO Group’s official Issuu page ( In this issue we are looking back at the huge year that 2012 has been for ADVO group. We have compiled a list of the top milestones and moments for the company over the last twelve months. Originally intended to only include the top ten moments, we realised that so much has happened over the last year that the list had to be extended to the top fifteen moments. One of these top moments is actually the planning of an excellent brand new service we are going to be launching in early 2013! Based around building the overall health and fitness of your employees, ‘healthylife’ is something we are very excited to be working on but you will have to wait until the new year to find out more, so watch this space!

Another retrospective included in this edition of Advocate is looking back at the explosion of our social media landscape over the last year. We want to say a huge thank you to all the new social media followers that have joined our ever expanding online community in 2012.

As usual we are also bringing you all the latest occupational health and human  resource news including exclusive interviews with Fiona Summerville, Owner, RS Occupational Health, Catherine Albert, Workfuture and Jean Crew, Training & Development Co-Ordinator, ADVO Group. In our interview with Jean we look at the training that has taken place and how ADVO Group has cemented its reputation for excellent customer service.

Something we also had to look at was one of the most must-see bits of footage in recent memory, Felix Baumgartner’s awe-inspiring leap from the edge of space. We look at the strain that much an amazing feat will put on the heart and also the potentially hugely valuable data that was collected from the jump for medical and healthcare advancements.

To view the Winter edition of the mag browse through below or view the magazine on here

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