The essential item for travel this summer


With the summer holiday season once again just round the corner, many of us are beginning to plan all the essentials for our trips abroad. From last minute diets and designer sunglasses to guide books and new sandals, the list of preparations for going overseas often seems limitless. However, one of the most commonly neglected items on the to-do list prior to going overseas is without doubt one of the most fundamentally important; travel insurance.

Costs incurred for unexpected and often urgently needed medical treatment abroad, without appropriate travel insurance, can rapidly spiral out of control leaving holiday makers with unimaginable financial costs. Medical cover provided by travel insurance policies will provide peace of mind that in the unwanted event of requiring medical care abroad, costs will be contained. However, as the nature of the trips we take overseas become increasingly varied, often action-packed, and as our travels reach increasingly remote regions of the globe, the potential need for increasingly comprehensive cover becomes ever more apparent. This year’s World Cup, hosted in Brazil, for example, will see vast numbers of football fans across the world making the trip to Rio, all eager to support their nation’s team in the world’s most anticipated football tournament. Unfortunately though, for many football fans, the trip to Rio will provide, above all, unforeseen medical costs, as well as financial costs incurred through stolen goods and issues with travel arrangements.

Whether attending the World Cup in Rio or not, business travellers need to also ensure that the most suitable level of travel insurance cover is in place. Unforeseen and unfortunate events overseas, whether medical or otherwise, can have significant detrimental financial implications for uninsured businesses across the world. The provision of comprehensive travel insurance should therefore be no less of a prioritisation for businesses than for tourists and holiday makers. Specialist business travel insurance will reassure everyone involved; travelling employees will feel secure and have peace of mind, while employers know their staff are fully protected whilst overseas.

Finding the right cover for the business traveller is where ADVO Group can help. It’s vital to take independent advice to ensure that the right cover is in place prior to travel. Non-specialist business travel or tourist insurance can’t be relied on as it won’t provide for specific business needs such as flying out a replacement employee if it’s required. Business travel insurance can be taken out without excluding existing medical problems. There’s no need for you to ask awkward and personal medical questions, nor will you feel you have to send a less qualified member of staff because the better qualified member of staff has an existing medical condition. As an extra benefit, employees can use the same insurance cover when travelling for pleasure, which they may end up depending upon this summer!

Policies can include; single trip, annual cover, sports cover including skiing and personal travel cover. For more information visit or call 0845 2578833.