Technology and Healthcare Companies’ Partner to Help Patients


Clinova is using augmented reality platform Aurasma on its products to help patients better understand how to use and administer consumer healthcare products. The technology was created by Cambridge-based software company Autonomy and will be available on all Clinova’s products including O.R.S, a soluble tablet form of the oral rehydration salts formula. O.R.S is presently one of the UK’s best selling consumer healthcare products.

Aurasma, the world’s leading augmented reality platform, is a free app for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices that uses advanced image and pattern recognition technology to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations. This means Aurasma is capable of delivering relevant user information in multiple languages by simply pointing the camera on a smart device at the product’s packaging.

Clinova will be using the video feature to provide users of O.R.S with simple instructions on how best to use the product in six different languages, ensuring those patients who have a foreign language as their first choice language can access the app and better understand how to use O.R.S and Clinova’s other consumer healthcare products.

Andrew Lane, Vice Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association is delighted that two UK based technology companies are embracing innovative technology to help patient’s better use their medicines and healthcare products.

Clinova, the UK based global pharmaceutical company is planning to rollout the technology for all its products and Clinova is one of first companies to use the technology on a consumer healthcare product. Aurasma hopes it is replicated on many more medical products and technology.

Matt Mills, Head of Global Partnerships at Aurasma, comments: “It’s vital that patients understand how to use pharmaceuticals in the right way to ensure the most effective benefits. Aurasma is the perfect way for a patient to get quick and clear visual instructions straight from the pack on how to administer the product properly and safely. We’re delighted that Clinova are using our technology to augment their packs and commend their innovative use of our technology in their mission to improve outcomes for patients.”