So, You Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Be The Boss?


An international poll conducted by Monster reveals that an overwhelming majority of those surveyed believe they could do a better job than their manager. Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting job opportunities to people, asked visitors to their sites across the globe, “In your current or most recent job, do you think you could do a better job than your manager?” and received over 4,800 responses.

International findings were:

  • 84% of respondents answered “Yes”
  • 16% of respondents answered “No”

European respondents were the most conservative in their sentiments, however, the vast number of respondents believe they could do the job. Breaking down the numbers by country, the following reflects the percentage of respondents who believe they could do a better job than their managers:

  • France: 72%
  • Netherlands: 74%
  • Germany 83%
  • U.S. 84%
  • India 87%

“If you don’t respect your boss, it’s time to start exploring your options for making a move,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for Monster. “Perhaps you would like a lateral move, as you could be a valuable asset to another workplace, working under someone you find more inspiring. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, maybe it’s time to start thinking about becoming the boss yourself.”

Here are a few tips for pursuing your job search to take a step up the ladder:

  • Emphasize how you’ve gone above and beyond. If you’ve regularly taken on duties and projects at a higher level than your job title would typically suggest, make that clear in your resume and cover letter.
  • Leverage your education. Additional degrees and certifications can help prove you’re ready for the next level.
  • Highlight community leadership roles. Paid work isn’t the only place you can develop management skills. Volunteer work also demonstrates that you have potential to take on more.

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