Simplyhealth helps youngsters to develop key employment skills


Local healthcare provider Simplyhealth invited youngsters to a half day workshop at its Manchester office to help them to develop key work place skills. Ten young people from local charity, ReachOut!’s employment programme took part in the session.

Simplyhealth donates at least £1 million to a range of local and national charities every year. Last year, Simplyhealth’s Manchester community fund donated £9,000 to ReachOut! This year the team at Simplyhealth invested their time and provided youngsters with activities designed to develop key life and work place skills.

James Glover, spokesperson for Simplyhealth, said: “The workshop was a great success. We had some fantastic feedback from the participants and the team here were really delighted to be asked to host the event and to share their experience. The workshop was a great way to educate young people about business and what future employers will look for in an employee.”

“Reachout! is a terrific charity and we are pleased to continue to support it as it develops new and innovative ways to help young adults to believe in their ability to be successful in work.”

The day was designed to encourage young people to cultivate the skills that future employers will look for in their staff. Participants got to have a taste of the office environment and of what it would be like to work in a busy office environment.

ReachOut! is a charity that works with children from disadvantaged communities, to help them raise their aspirations, self-esteem and achievement so that they can have the best start in life possible. For further information please visit

Hannah Christie, spokesperson for ReachOut!, said: “Simplyhealth have been a fantastic supporter of our work to support disadvantaged young people in Manchester. The young people had a great time on the day and learnt a lot. Thank you so much to them and the brilliant staff that helped make it possible.”


As published on on 18th may 2012