Rolex & Apple top the list for Superbrands 2013


Superbrands have been commissioning independent research to discover the strongest brands within the UK since 1995. Each year Superbrands collects the opinions of leaders within the worlds of business and marketing to publish two definitive lists of the UK’s finest companies. The first list looks at the best companies operating within the B2C sector and the second list looks at the best B2B brands. The lists for 2013 have officially been published and both see an expansive range of household brand names. However, there can only be one overall winner for each of the two lists and this year sees Rolex taking the prized number one spot for the B2C list and Apple topping the table for the B2B brands. 

The selection process for this survey is different to most others in that no company make an application to payment to be taken into consideration. Superbrands explain their selection process “The annual Consumer Superbrands survey is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA). TCBA researchers compile lists of the UK’s leading business-to-consumer brands, drawing on a wide range of sources, from sector reports to blogs to public nominations. From the thousands of brands initially considered a final shortlist is created. For 2013, just under 1,700 brands were shortlisted The shortlist is scored by an independent and voluntary Expert Council, which is assembled and chaired by TCBA’s chief executive. The council is refreshed each year. Bearing in mind the definition of a Consumer Superbrand, the council members individually award each brand a rating from 1–10. Council members are not allowed to score brands with which they have a direct association or are in competition to, nor do they score brands they are unfamiliar with. The lowest scoring brands (approximately 40 per cent) are eliminated after the council has ratified the collective scores. The remaining brands are voted on by the consumers of those brands, accessed via an SSI online panel. For Consumer Superbrands, a nationally representative sample of over 2,900 British adult consumers was surveyed. The number of consumer votes received by each brand determines its position in the final rankings. Only the top 500 brands are deemed to be Consumer Superbrands. All those involved in the voting process bear in mind the following definition ‘A Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors, which customers want and recognise. In addition, the voters are asked to judge brands against three key factors; quality, reliability and distinction.”

This isn’t the first time Apple have taken one of the top spots for its ranking as a company. Last year, ADVO Group news ( reported that Apple had come second in the top twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members globally, only just missing out on the number one spot to Google. Similarly, it was also reported last year in ADVO Group news that Apple had scored the number one spot for the category of ‘top rising brand’ in Interbrand’s thirteeth annual best global brands.