Perception vs reality: Are businesses rolling the dice on protecting employees?


Many UK businesses do not protect their staff through a group income protection policy. But why is the take up so comparatively low? Cost to a smaller businesses may be a factor but according to latest research it might be the blinkered view of how likely it is that organisations will need to deal with serious employee health issues.

Latest research from GRiD, the industry body for the group risk protection sector,  highlights a gap between the reality of the health issue’s businesses have faced in the 12 months, versus the perception of how likely they think it is that they’ll have to deal with something similar in the coming 12 months.

Some of the figures showing likelihood of needing support are outlined below:

Given the gap between reality and perception, it’s not surprising that protecting employees isn’t always top of the list.

advo’s employee benefit’s team can help businesses better understand the risk faced and the wider prevention benefits associated with a group risk policy, and then help to select the best provider suited to your business.

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