Passport2Health launches pioneering private medical cover, combining private UK diagnostics with private treatment abroad


A ground-breaking product from Passport2Health, a new entrant to the private healthcare insurance market, is set to change the shape of UK health cover and challenge the high cost of traditional PMI.

With typical savings of up to 50 percent, and from as little as £19 per month, the scheme combines high quality private diagnostics in the UK with private treatment overseas. It promises greater choice and faster access to affordable private healthcare for the majority of Britons financially excluded from mainstream PMI products.

The UK’s first fully packaged cover for treatment abroad, Passport2Health provides rapid access to some of the finest private medical facilities internationally, including door-to-door, concierge-managed travel and accommodation for the patient and a companion.

Passport2Health CEO and founder Frank Levene, a former BUPA director, says that the escalating price of UK health insurance, combined with continuing pressure on household spending, has left many people unable to afford cover for private treatment – leaving them faced with lengthy waits with the NHS.

According to industry figures, almost seven million people are currently covered by private medical insurance (PMI) in the UK. However, there has been little if any market growth over recent years, despite research showing that many consumers would buy PMI if it were more affordable. In fact escalating premiums mean that subscribers have declined by more than 10 percent since 2008

Against a backdrop of continuing economic pressures, Passport2Health has developed its pricing structure to provide an affordable alternative to increasingly expensive personal policies, or a replacement for employee benefits that have been downgraded or withdrawn.

Customers have access to some of the finest hospitals internationally, including those in France, Germany and Spain as well as Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, Gran Canaria and Malta.

‘Medical tourism’ is a growth area, with approximately 60,000 people believed to travel from the UK each year for treatment abroad. With Passport2Health, everything is fully covered and all arrangements taken care of, including return travel, treatment, accommodation and after-care, plus integration into the UK health service on return.