Office staff say ‘enough of the open-plan offices’ survey reveals


A new survey commissioned by Expert Market, the UK’s leading resource for office equipment, revealed employees are not fans of the open-plan office set up. A surprising 54% of respondents favoured working in separate office space in spite of the trend for open plan offices. The findings beg the question: have we got it wrong? In the quest to boost team morale through a relaxed and less formal environment, companies may have achieved quite the opposite.

Peace and quiet came out top on the list of things which could improve employees’ working day the most with over 37% of respondents preferring a quiet office over regular breaks and even cake!

Employees reported that the open plan design of many offices encouraged a negative sense of competition between staff and a hostile working environment that pitted colleagues against each other. How does the volume and presence of staff members affect productivity within a team? Is this resulting in low employee morale which in turn could result in high staff turnover?

Open-plan offices provide many financial advantages to a business; fewer large scale construction projects, shared equipment and the ability to recruit staff efficiently. But should the costs associated with space and office design be prioritised over staff welfare?

Tony Nguyen of Expert Market said: “The findings urge us to question whether a cheaper office structure is really saving an organisation money or costing the business dearly through decreased morale and productivity?”

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