New food labelling system to start in 2013


The government has recently announced that a fully standardised labelling system for food will take effect in the UK in 2013. Technically it will not be compulsory to display the new labelling system. However, it is believed that the food industry will co-operate with the new system when it is introduced. The new system will show a range of details to provide a detailed overall picture of the food products. Details to be displayed in the new system will include colour coding, daily guideline allowance figures as well as high, medium and low wording in relation to measurements of fat, salt and sugar content. 

An effective labelling over how healthy or unhealthy food products are has been a priority within the UK for a significant period of time. However, the problem over the last few years has been with different retailers using different systems from each other to communicate the nutritional information to customers. It is hoped that the new system introduced next year will stop different retailers utilising  their own systems and provide a more standardised approach that will avoid any confusion.