Most Frustrating Things in the Office


While many workplaces are addressing the important HR issues to boost morale in the office; such as fair pay, employee recognition and good co-worker relationships, many may overlook the smaller frustrations in the office space that can be detrimental to the morale boost that they are striving for.

It can be the small things around the office that bother workers most and can hinder their productivity. Printouts for an important presentation have jammed. The photocopier is constantly breaking down. Uncomfortable chairs contributing to back pain. The list can go on.

Expert Market has conducted a survey of over 1000 office workers to determine which office equipment/utilities frustrated workers the most, and had the biggest impact on their morale at work.

The top ten frustrations in the office based on the survey are as followed:

1. Old slow computer
2. Uncomfortable chair
3. Printer malfunctioning
4. Faulty heater or A/C
5. Photocopier not working properly
6. Bad office lighting
7. Unreliable phone system
8. Unpleasant communal toilets
9. Cramped old desk
10. Broken coffee machine

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