Monster Survey Reveals Job Seekers Unwilling to Compromise on Key Benefits


Monster has revealed the top-line results of a survey of nearly 1,100 registered U.S. Monster users around job search activity, job satisfaction and what is required to pursue or accept a new job opportunity. This is the second in a series of releases covering a range of the results from Monster’s Workforce Talent Survey, including current job seeker challenges, motivating factors driving them to a career change, their confidence in finding a job, and job outlook by several key occupations.

The majority of survey respondents, both employed and unemployed, are actively looking for a new job (70%), yet very few responded that they would be willing to make the following sacrifices in order to accept a new opportunity:

  • Benefits – 13% would compromise on healthcare benefits and 14% on academic reimbursement
  • Vacation – 16% would accept reduced vacation or personal time
  • Compensation – 19% would accept reduced or no bonus and 20% would accept a lesser salary
  • Hours – 24% would work more hours
  • Workspace – 26% would consider having a small office or desk space
  • Commute – 28% would be willing to undertake a longer commute
  • Dress code – 30% would agree to a strict dress code
  • Temporary positions – 33% are willing to take on temporary or contract roles

“With the economy and job market slowly improving, job seekers will be more likely to be searching for a job and less likely to make sacrifices,” said Jeffrey Quinn, Vice President of Monster’s Global Insights. “Employers need to be aware of these unsettled employees, understand their expectations, and incent accordingly.”

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