Marissa Mayer instigates another huge HR decision at Yahoo! by increasing paternity and maternity leave


Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer was heavily featured in the last edition of Advocate Magazine due to her highly controversial ban of working from home for all Yahoo! employees. The proposed ban was largely criticised due to the fact that Mayer had her own private nursery built next to her office. Thus it was argued that Mayer was unable to empathise with the needs of her employees to be able to work from home due to their child-care obligations. However, her more recently proposed changes for Yahoo! employees are likely to be far more unanimously met with approval within the company. Mayer has announced that she will be doubling paid maternity leave for mothers within the company from eight to sixteen weeks. In addition, she will also be granting eight weeks of paid leave for fathers. Further still, it is reported that new parents within the company will also now receive $500 dollars as a gift to go towards the extra financial costs of having a baby. 

Of the new proposed changes for Yahoo!, it is perhaps the eight weeks of paternity leave that is most notable. This move really stands out from the vast majority of employers in placing a significant value on the time off that fathers need following the birth of a child.

It seems that Marissa Mayer has shown that she isn’t afraid to make extremely bold decisions for the employees of Yahoo! whether they be popular, or at other times, seem to cause a higher level of controversy. However, the figures seems to speak for themselves with regard to her impact on the company’s performance. It is reported that Yahoo!’s stock has increased by almost 50% between July 2012, when Mayer joined the com pay, and the start of April 2013. This has created an additional value for shareholders of £6.8 billion.