Management must provide consistency and motivation for employees through the 2015 election, argues ADVO Group


With the 2015 general election just around the corner, an array of human resource and employment issues are potentially set to enter a significant transitional stage. The seven major political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru) have all pledged key policies on a range of issues that will have either a direct or indirect effect on employees throughout the UK. These include policies relating to pensions, zero-hour contracts, the minimum and living wage, public and private sector employment, apprenticeships, parental leave, working hour limits, and taxation, to name a few.

One factor that will need to remain consistent for employees during this period of potential policy change will be effective leadership from management. Managers will need to facilitate a consistent high level of employee motivation and engagement, that can in-turn efficiently and successfully adapt to potential employment and workplace policy changes.

Colin Boxall, Director at ADVO Group comments “Engaged and satisfied employees with effective management can adapt to change in a far more seamless manner. Actively driving employee engagement and satisfaction is also of course a principle any party would endorse. The relationship between employee engagement and workplace productivity is beyond doubt, and that productivity will continue to be vital for the growth of the economy“.

ADVO Group are expert advisors on employee healthcare benefits and have consistently seen how employee engagement can be significantly increased through managers implementing such benefit packages. Providing staff with access to vital and comprehensive healthcare when they need it through private medical insurance, or being able to dependably cover the day-to-day costs of medical expenses, such as optical and dental health, can provide an enormous sense of re-assurance and wellbeing to staff.

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