Latest white paper examines the importance of culture in developing wellbeing strategies


The third in the series of Simplyhealth’s white papers on workplace wellbeing strategies is now available.Taking an in depth look at the role culture, leadership and communication plays in developing these strategies, Professor Cary Cooper provides some helpful insights into to the need to get the balance between all three right.

Cary Cooper, Founding Director of Robertson Cooper* and distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University comments: “Although creating a motivated, flexible and committed workforce may be the crucial driver for employers, they should also understand the moral aspect to improving employees’ wellbeing. Employees will respond negatively to wellbeing initiatives if they believe they are merely being implemented to get them to work harder.

“That is why harnessing the right culture within a workplace is important, so there is an environment where employee wellbeing can flourish. Leadership is key to developing this culture and its success relies upon the buy in and cooperation of all leaders from the Board down.”

Sales and Marketing Director, Jack Briggs says: “Creating a wellbeing strategy is of paramount importance to any business whether it employs five staff or 5,000. Profitability and good business performance come from engaged employees, and the more engaged they are, the more likely they are to surpass what is required of them.”

As published on on 28th march 2012