Spring 2014 edition of Advocate Magazine is out now


In the latest, Spring 2014 edition of Advocate, the quarterly free digital magazine from ADVO Group, we are bringing you a fascinating interview with Hannah Keartland, Citizen Science Lead at Cancer Research UK to discuss their amazing new smartphone game. The app, called ‘Play to Cure: Genes in Space’  offers a truly ground breaking concept; through people simply playing the game, extremely valuable genetic data is generated to help scientists in their battle against cancer. Hannah explains how the project began, from the ‘Gamejam’ event through to the launching of the app and it’s planned developments.

We are also bringing you an exclusive interview with Matt Roberts, personal trainer to the stars, and ADVO’s Nadiya Hasan discussing her fantastic award win at last year’s Health Insurance awards as well as the other awards that have been so important to ADVO over the years.

We also look at one of the issues that 58% percent of people believe could seriously harm their career… the office romance. The latest research from Monster provides some fascinating insights into today’s perception on relationships that originate at the workplace.

We also look at a recent study that suggests that while 71 percent of top executives believe gender diversity in the boardroom is always a good thing,  nearly a third (29 percent) of all senior executives doubt its value altogether.

This is all in addition to the other major human resources and occupational news stories included in this issue of Advocate including The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s predictions on the future of the pay rise, the REED study showing that many UK businesses could risk losing their top talent, the health and safety heroes getting formal recognition, and the fantastic news from here ADVO Group that the company has been awarded Investors In People Silver accreditation.

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