Gender pay gap relatively unchanged over past four years – PwC comments


Gender PayThe latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the gap between men and women’s pay in full-time roles has narrowed to 9.4% in April 2015, compared with 9.6% in 2014. While this is the lowest since the survey began in 1997, the gap has changed relatively little over the last four years. When combining full-time and part-time employees the gap is unchanged from 2014 at 19.2%. 

Gaenor Bagley, head of people at PwC, said:

“The Government’s plans to require large companies to report their gender pay gap analysis is creating great momentum for change and is encouraging businesses to think about this issue. But if we want to see faster progress on closing the gender pay gap, companies simply publishing their gender pay figures is not enough – they need to look behind the figures to understand why there are differences. It is only by understanding the root causes that companies can start to take action.

“This is a complex issue and calculating pay averages for the whole workforce won’t necessarily tell the whole story. The more detailed information companies can publish on pay grade differences and their actions to address gender inequality, the better.

“At PwC, undertaking an annual equal pay audit has allowed us to understand where any pressure points are and tackle these. We know that a sizeable part of our gender pay gap is a result of having fewer women in senior positions, so this is an area where we continue to focus our efforts.”

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