Employee engagement and business performance link proven for the first time in housing sector


Housing association, Radian, has transformed its business in the past five years by improving engagement levels. The not-for-profit organisation has worked with market research firm, ORC International, since 2009 and has proved that there is a significant relationship between employee engagement, staff turnover, sickness absence and customer satisfaction. Between 2010 and 2013 Radian has boosted its employee engagement levels from 58% to 80%, with individual team scores up to 98%. This has had significant knock on effects throughout the business with sickness levels down two points to 3% and staff turnover has reduced from 17% to 5%. 

Radian’s customer satisfaction has also improved, with consumers stating they have increased trust in the organisation. They also believe Radian has a good reputation and that it acts and listens to their views.

Peter Wakefield, Head of Organisational Development at Radian, said: “The analysis ORC International does with our engagement data really helps us to identify what’s important and what’s not. The research has given us information we simply wouldn’t have if we didn’t measure our engagement levels.

“These results feed into our business plan and we now use employee engagement as a key performance indicator and prominent measure of how the business is performing. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to prioritise so efficiently and progress as quickly as we have done.

“We have proven the link between employee engagement and business performance for the first time in the housing sector, and as a result, have completely transformed our business.”

Kate Pritchard, Head of Employee Research at ORC International, said: “Radian is leading the way in the public sector when it comes to linking its employee engagement scores to business metrics. They are a really strong performer and I am delighted that our research has helped Radian to make such significant business improvements. They have clearly demonstrated the power of employee engagement.”