Check your policy details on the go! ADVO Group launches mobile version of Clarity


ADVO Group’s website and award-winning technology service Clarity are now available in a fully optimised mobile version. Find out exactly what possibilities this can have for policy holders with ADVO Group.

To access the mobile version of the ADVO Group website simply visit on any mobile browser and you will instantly see the optimised verison of the site.

Alongside the mobile version of the general website is the mobile verison of CLARITY.

Mobile CLARITY for Employees (MCE) works as a Web-based application created for ADVO Group’s customer’s employees to access their policy information from a mobile device.

Just as with the non-mobile verison of clarity, you won’t find it anywhere else, it’s an award-winning technology service that you will only find with ADVO Group!

MCE gives employees access to their key benefit information for policies that are held with ADVO Group such as policy benefits, policy hospital search, direct access to their ADVO Group account manager and more. As MCE is a web-based application you can access it via a mobile web browser (Safari or Chrome on an iPhone or any mobile browser ie HTC or Blackberry).

To access MCE on your mobile browser simply follow the following instructions (screenshots below).

Open your mobile browser and type the following URL into the bar or go to which will take you to the ADVO Group mobile website where you can then click on the menu button > choose existing clients > then CLARITY.

Click on the Employees button, enter your email address and password (as supplied). Finally, click on the log in button to access all your vital policy information wherever you are!

As mentioned mobile CLARITY offers access to key policy information. To find this invaluable information for your policy with ADVO group follow the steps listed below (screenshots also below).

Access MCE as outlined in the preceding set of instructions. Once you have logged in with your details you will be shown a list of the different types of policy that are held with ADVO Group. Click on the appropriate policy type. Then click on the benefits button. Then simply scroll down to view a thorough list of all the essential information for your particular policy.

Another fantastic feature of MCE is that it gives covered employees access to search by their postcode for covered hospitals.

To perform this search funtion  begin by logging in to MCE with your log-in details. You will then be shown a list of the types of policies that are held with ADVO Group. Click on a  policy type and then click on the ‘hospitals’ button. Enter the first two letters of the postcode area required and click on the search button to display a full list of all the relevent hospitals. You can then click on any of these listed hospitals to view all the contact information you will need along with a Google powered map to allow easy location all within the the CLARITY system.

MCE can also easily be added to the home screen on your iPhone as a shortcut by following the following simple instructions.

Access the MCE on your iPhone. Click on the Share button (at the bottom of the browser). Then select “Add to Home Screen”. This will display the “Add to Home” page where you can change the name displayed and see the icon that will be displayed on your home page. Click the ‘Add’ button at the top of the page. The icon will be added to your home screen like an App from the App Store.

The launch of the mobile version of the main ADVO Group website also offers some great features.

The mobile verison of the site offers all the content and information that you will find on the non-mobile version of the site you are used to but now made to easily display on your mobile browser. The navigation on the mobile site is also incredibly intutive to follow. Links to all of our social media sites, for example, are instantly accessable via the main menu within the ‘Social’ button.

The news section of the website has also underdone a complete transformation for the mobile version. The news feed is instantly updated in real-time to make sure that you always receive only the most up-to-date news stories for the PMI, HR and employee benefits industries.

The mobile news section also contains all of the additional news features you will find in the main, non-mbile version of the website. Simply drag down the arrows at the top of the main mobile news page to reveal a wide range of tools and options. You will be able to search the entire news section, go to certain key news sections and even submit your email address to subscribe to the mailing list. Subscription here will enable you to receive email alerts each time we publish a new news post, making sure you will never miss a piece of breaking industry news again. Subscription will also enable you to receive our monthly newsletters which are packed full of only the biggest industry news stories, exclusive interviews and company news from ADVO Group.

The launch of both the mobile version of the ADVO Group website and our Clarity service marks a huge addition to the mobile realm  for PMI and employee benefits resources.

If you would like to know more about either the mobile or non-mobile verion of Clarity than don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a free demonstration of the service at your place of work.

Alternatively, please feel to ring us on 0845 2578833 or email us at to discuss Clarity our any aspect of how our independent, specialist advice can fulfill your employee benefit needs.