CEOs claim that the education system is failing the next generation of workers


A recent survey conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Skillsoft has found that 63% of more than 500 surveyed CEOs place most value on qualifications for future managers. These same CEOs also felt that the education system is failing to give people fundamental skills that they will need in the workplace.

Kevin Young, general manager, EMEA at Skillsoft, said: “There seems to be a disconnect between the skills gained whilst in education and those that employers need their new starters to have. With businesses working leaner and smarter to achieve success, they now expect more from their employees when it comes to basic office skills, in order to hit the ground running.”

Young added: “A case in point is IT skills. We have noticed an increase in demand among our customers for basic IT training and, with the ICT curriculum set to be replaced with a computer science qualification from 2014, it could take time to close the gap”