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ADVO Group interviews Corinne Williams, Director of HR & Engagement, Simplyhealth

The recent CIPD/Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey of more than 1,000 employers found that many companies are not adequately supporting their line managers in managing employee absence. In this interview, Corinne Williams, Director of HR & Engagement at Simplyhealth provides her insight into the survey’s findings and comments on the increasing focus employers are placing on staff wellbeing, a potential rise in presenteeism and the effects of the fast approaching festive season.
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ADVO Group interviews Lee Biggins, Managing Director, CV-Library

Founded by Managing Director Lee Biggins in 2000, CV-Library has rapidly become one of the UK’s largest online job sites, attracting over 3.8 million unique candidates every month and featuring a database of almost 11 million CVs. Recent research conducted by the company found that London-based UK professionals are officially Britain’s poorest workers. In this interview, Lee discusses the imbalance between the capital’s salaries and its livings costs, the effects this may have on other regions in the UK and which areas are now creating the ‘richest’ employees.
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ADVO Group interviews Andreas Konig, CEO at TeamViewer

TeamViewer, a global provider of online meeting and remote support software, recently released ‘The End of Nine-to-Five’ report, which reveals that millions of workers would welcome a six hour working day as part of a rejection of the traditional 9-5 working week and towards a more flexible approach. TeamViewer’s CEO, Andreas König, provides some expert insight into the finding of this report, exploring issues around work-life balance, the role of management and the recent studies on working hours conducted in Sweden.
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