Bupa urges sector to work together to reform private-paid healthcare



Speaking at the recentPrivate Healthcare Summit, Bupa UK’s Alex Perry highlighted that the need for fundamental reform of the private-paid sector is more pressing than ever. He made clear that he believes a brighter future is possible but that the whole sector needs to work hard together to bring this about.

Alex Perry, General Manager, Bupa UK said:

“The UK economy is growing, our country’s population growth has reached record levels and employment is also at a record high, but the private healthcare sector is in no better place than it was a year ago. The challenges are real and the need for fundamental reform is more pressing than ever. There are some signs of change in the market, with the Competition and Markets Authority’s rulings to improve information and transparency on quality. It is heartening to see this progress – but much more needs to be done quickly because customers are losing out. To be frank, in the face of this our actions appear to be complacent as a sector.”

“I believe a brighter future for private healthcare is possible. We can only turn this opportunity into a reality by working together – improving the customer experience, demonstrating the quality we deliver and improving affordability.

“We know that we need to play a full part in making this happen, and this starts with making sure we deliver an even better service and improved affordability. This needs insurers and hospitals to engage constructively in partnership. Our long-term agreement with Spire hospitals shows how together we can find a better way forward – we will be looking to work with our other hospital providers in a similar way. Some may be less willing to collaborate, but we will continue to push hard for better value for our customers. There is no alternative if our sector is to survive.”

Alex Perry also added:

“The only we way can truly improve the outlook for our sector is by delivering greater volume growth, bringing more people into our market. As funders, commissioners and providers, we have a major role to play, but we also know that bringing about the scale of change required, demands that everyone work together. Together we can bring in a new reality of quality, transparency, value and growth.”

Full press release on www.bupa.com