Blacklisting must not happen again, CIPD CEO tells Scottish Affairs Select Committee


Opening his appearance before the Scottish Affairs Select Committee inquiry into blacklisting in employment, Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive, welcomed the opportunity to appear on behalf of the HR profession, and said: “We very much welcome the Scottish Affairs Select Committee inquiry into blacklisting in the construction industry in the past. We take the issue very seriously. I condemn the practice, the law has now rightly been tightened, and it mustn’t happen again.

“It was partly in response to the Information Commissioner’s Office bringing this issue to light that my predecessor started the process of strengthening our Code of Professional Conduct and our investigation and disciplinary procedures.  The revised Code and procedures came into force in July 2012.

“We are investigating a small number of individual CIPD members alleged to have made use of employee blacklists in their recruitment processes via The Consulting Association’s services.  We’re also developing new good practice guidance on the wider issue of pre-employment vetting. This will clearly restate that blacklisting is illegal, but will also broaden out to address complex current and future issues surrounding pre-employment vetting, particularly the potential for managers to search electronic profiles through social media and other sources of information.”

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