An interview with ADVO Group’s Nadiya Hasan


Back in October last year, the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane hosted the 2013 Health Insurance Awards. As one of the industry’s most prestigious award events of the year, ADVO were delighted to see their very own Nadiya Hasan win the award category of ‘Best Individual Impact by a Newcomer’. In our latest interview we discuss the fantastic award win, the other awards that have been so important to ADVO over the years and ADVO’s recent Investors in People Silver accreditation.

How did it feel winning the best individual impact by a newcomer award at the 2013 health insurance awards?

It was very unexpected and quite overwhelming. It felt great to be recognised and put forward by the directors in the first instance so to be shortlisted and then win was brilliant!

Aside from the award you won at the health insurance evening, what other awards that ADVO have won over the years also stand out for you as important?

The general ‘Healthcare Intermediary Award’s’  which we have won a number of times really stand out as important to me. They show that all factors of ADVO’s business as a whole are of a high standard and that we are specialist’s in the industry of healthcare and benefits opposed to just one product.

I am particularly interested in international health insurance and the speed in which the need for such products is increasing so being highly commended for ‘Best Group International PMI Intermediary’ also stands out to me as being important.

Are there any particular awards that you would like to see ADVO win in the future?

It would be great to win more awards relating to technology and employee benefits as to highlight to the market and potential clients the excellent service we have to offer.

What aspect of your work with ADVO are you most looking forward to in 2014?

I am looking forward to continuing my development which I hope could lead to dealing with larger companies and in turn increasing Advo Group’s client portfolio.

ADVO were recently given the Investors In People Silver accreditation, what does this mean for the company?

It demonstrates Advo Group recognise how important people within the business are to maintaining Advo Groups continuing success. Additionally as an Employee Benefits advisor it demonstrates that we practice what we preach and that our employer really does understand how an employee’s wellbeing can affect their performance. Although we are divided in to teams the real feeling is that we are one big team and everyone is interested in each other’s successes and sharing knowledge so that we can all grow.

Are there any major changes in the pipeline for ADVO for 2014 that you can tell us?

I believe the finer details are currently being established so it may be premature for me to discuss … However there are certainly changes on the horizon which I feel will provide existing and new clients with a unique and practical proposition whilst hopefully pushing us to the forefront of the market.

What is your favourite article is the most recent edition of Advocate magazine?

I found the article relating to ‘Mindfulness’ most interesting. I think it’s really important that businesses are aware that the pressures which employees face can lead to stress which can seriously affect their level of performance at work and their personal life. There are so many techniques and solutions which can help businesses solve this problem.

What is it in your opinion that makes ADVO stand out in the market?

We provide clients with honest and clear advice with their best interests being at the core of what we do. Relationships with our clients whether new or existing is key. We are constantly striving to ensure that our service

How can people find out more about ADVO and its services?

Our website holds information about our services however I feel it’s always better to call in to the office and have and talk with an adviser – that way we can really establish a clients need and help ascertain the best solution for them.