Allianz retail issues home security tips for Christmas


Unoccupied homes and expensive presents make the festive season an opportunity for criminal activity, so Allianz Retail has issued brokers and customers with its top tips on how to make sure properties are as secure as possible over Christmas. Many policyholders will be going away to spend time with friends and family over the holidays, and could be at increased risk of falling prey to thieves. 

Top tips include:

·  Ensure your home looks occupied – a dark house, or one with just a single light on, is conspicuous to thieves

·  Don’t leave gifts on display and only put the boxes and wrapping outside for refuse collectors at the last moment

·  Cancel the milk, newspapers and any other deliveries while you are away and try not to tell too many people by publicising it through social media sites

·  Be wary of changing your answer phone message or setting up email auto responder messages that can be connected to your address

·  Set the ringtone on your landline telephone as low as possible, or switch it off. A loud, unanswered phone can advertise your absence

·  As well as doors, always check that windows, sheds and outbuildings are fully locked.

Hannah Baker, community broker manager, Allianz Retail comments:  “During the excitement of festive celebrations, it’s possible that some householders might let their guard down. Brokers can play an important part by reminding customers of the importance of taking the necessary measures to protect their homes against theft during this time.”