Allianz Insurance continues to honour HMV extended warranty policies


Allianz Insurance has confirmed today that in light of the news around HMV, it will continue to honour insurance claims made under extended warranty policies taken out by HMV customers. Allianz Insurance currently underwrites 369,000 HMV insurance policies and receives approximately 1,000 claims a month from HMV customers. Should a HMV customer need to claim on a policy, they should contact HMV in the first instance for policies covering games accessories and headphones and electronic equipment under £150 and return faulty or damaged goods to a store under this policy.  HMV will continue to deal with these claims and Allianz Insurance as the underwriter will ensure they are fulfilled. For claims on goods over £150 customers should contact Allianz Insurance directly as per the instructions on their warranty document.

In the event that stores should close, policyholders with the above policies should contact Allianz Insurance directly, using the details on their warranty paperwork.

In cases where claims are submitted for items that are beyond repair and where Allianz Insurance would have previously sent HMV gift vouchers, an alternative will be offered.

Simon Brimicombe, Allianz UK’s Director, Broker and Corporate Partner said;

“At this uncertain time we are pleased to be able to confirm our intention to honour claims made under Extended Warranty contracts sold by HMV.”