ADVO raises money for charity at the Crumball Rally


The ‘Crumball Rally’ is not your average driving experience. Participants are required to purchase a car for under £200, decorate and paint the vehicle in the most creative way possible, and complete a range of tasks along one of a series of themes routes across Europe.

The majority of the teams taking part utilise the experience as a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a variety of excellent causes. ADVO Group’s IT Director, Kevin Crew, took part in this year’s event to raise money for Starfish Malawi, a charity providing some great work in education, vocational training and AIDS awareness.

Kevin took part in the James Bond themed route, aptly named ‘Thundercrawl’, accompanied by his team, ‘Skyfools’. This route from Reims, France to Venice, Italy stops along some of the most well-known locations and landmarks to have featured in James Bond films; including the mountain-top lair within the Swiss alps from ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, and the Verzasca Dam, the setting for the opening of ‘Goldeneye’.

Team Skyfool’s car of choice, a 1989 Volvo 200 Series, featured the names of those who donated to the team’s efforts prior to the trip.

Anyone can still donate to the official team page on ‘Just Giving’ at