ADVO Group’s Nadiya Hasan writes on increasing need for Cash Plans


With financial pressure building on all aspects of the economy, national services such as the NHS are struggling to cope with the demands of an ever increasing and ageing population not to mention funding. This is particularly evident when considering the plight of new residents who are trying to register to a local NHS GP or Dentist. Such are the times, the need to be mobile and follow employment opportunities is becoming a more important and accepted aspect of everyday life. Therefore hand in hand with this rise in mobility comes more people facing the difficulty of signing up to a local NHS GP or Dentist. If you are lucky enough to become a member there is the added contention of dreaded waiting lists and even making an appointment.

Regardless of whether you are new to town or have become a permanent feature of the local community, we would be hard pushed to find someone who has not visited their local NHS hospital and in turn had to re-mortgage their home to afford a car parking ticket. NHS car parks have of late been a hot topic featuring regularly on consumer television programmes.

“The average charge per hour for hospital car parks in England in 2008/9 was £1.09”. Aside from this being an unneeded burden to many people visiting hospital on an emergency basis, those needing to spend long periods of time with loved ones have the extra financial encumbrance of car parking fees.

Of course the NHS from start to finish is a fantastic service and the envy of many countries worldwide, however times are changing and the need for products/services suited to individual lifestyles which compliment that provided by the NHS is greater than ever.

Health insurance providers and consumers have identified this need hence the ever increasing popularity of cash plans. A scheme first introduced in Victorian times, a cash plan provides a ‘pot’ of cash which allow the policyholder to claim back costs for various benefits. Not only are they extremely competitive in price, the premiums paid are stable and are not affected by claims made hence taking away the dreaded hikes in cost at renewal.  One company in particular; WPA, has come up with an innovative cash plan aptly named “NHS Top Up”. With premiums starting from as little as £7.76 per month (the cost of one cinema ticket!) the plan is an ideal side dish to the NHS.

The policy provides cash refunds toward services such as private GP consultations, NHS or private Dental check-ups, treatments and money spent on NHS car parking. Making a claim, similar to the plan, is just as straight forward. For instance after paying for a dental check up (NHS or private) the policyholder completes a simple claim form, attaches the original receipt and finally forwards to WPA who then, dependant on the level of cover chosen and acceptance, will refund the money direct to the policyholder’s bank account.

The plan not only provides cover toward those benefits mentioned above, but also extends to include self referred therapies, optical cover, specialist consultations / 2nd opinions as well as a range of other benefits. If things could not get any better Advo Group can currently offer 2 months free of the “NHS Top Up” policy.

So if you are new to the area or part of the furniture the “NHS Top Up” cash plan can help take the edge off those everyday annoyances. Additionally the peace of mind that you can access primary services such a seeing a GP or Dentist privately at a time to suit you and without being left with another bill, is invaluable.

NHS Top Up plan policyholder must be aged between 18-65
Benefits payable based on level of cover chosen
Some benefits subject to a qualifying period
Premium and 2 month free offer correct as of 13th May 2013. Subject to change.
No cover for pre-existing conditions