ADVO Group on Facebook


ADVO Group are proud to launch our new and improved Facebook page. The page has array of features which make it an invaluable industry resource.

Bitesize news updates

Like our page and you will get our wall post updates which will include the most significant and latest industry news developments as well as the latest company news from ADVO Group. Visit our wall here.

Blog Updates

We recently launched our brand new company blog. Here you will find ADVO Group news, updates on our presence in the media, information on awards we have won as well as a variety of health insurance industry news. The industry news accessed on our blog will be far more in-depth then you will find our our Facebook page’s wall and will include the latest press releases from leading healthcare insurers. This means all the industry news you need can be found in our blog. If you want to know when the next blog posts get published you can check our ‘Latest Blog Posts’ Facebook tab for a constantly updated stream of posts as they get published to the blog. Visit our ‘Latest Blog Posts’ here.

(You can also get email alerts for when our latest blog posts get published by subscribing to our blog here)

Twitter Updates

Using our ‘Twitter’ tab on Facebook you can see exactly what’s happening on our Twitter page where we have rapidly growing following. Visit our Twitter Facebook tab here.


There is also an array of media resources on our Facebook page including videos from our YouTube channel, company photos and more!


We hope to see you on our Facebook page soon. You can like the page here.