ADVO Group interviews Rosie Millen, Miss Nutritionist


Miss Nutritionist is a nutritional consultation service advising people on how to optimise their health and wellness. The company’s founder is Rosie Millen, a fully qualified nutritionist therapist who trained at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. In the latest in our exclusive interview series we caught up with Rosie to discuss what’s preventing people from getting a better level of nutrition, people’s awareness of their diets and the problems of the aktins diet.

What do you think is the number one issue in the UK preventing people from getting the level of nutrition they need? E.g. nutritional education, working hours, ease and availability of junk foods etc.

Lack of knowledge would be number 1. People just don’t know, They think they do. Every one i see in my clinic says they have a healthy diet. But they don’t. what doesn’t help is he fact that there is so much conflicting information out there.

I would say this comes down to big brands and marketing companies duping individuals into a false sense of security by telling them a food is good for them when really it isn’t.

Everybody is also too busy. No one ever has enough time. And this coupled with the fact that a lot of people don’t recognise health as a priority equates to a lack of nutrition

Lastly convenient foods are exactly that – too convenient perhaps! And for busy people with a low priority For health is a recipe for poor food choices and inevitably poor nutrition.

Do you think people people have become more aware of their diet and nutrition over recent and if so why do you think this is?

I do yes. Fortunately! people are starting to become aware and its probably down to the Internet. If you want an answer to anything it’s just the click of a button away.

What tip(s) would you give to people looking to make the first steps in improving their nutrition?

Start with some decent reading or research. So make sure it’s a reputable book and website. Identify the goals you wish to achieve and understand why it is you want to improve your nutrition.

I would always encourage to see a specialist to advise you.

But do what is right for you and what works for you.

Do you think employees are starting to place a greater value on focusing on the health, wellbeing and nutrition of their employees?

Yes absolutely. And its usually the big companies who have got the funding for it are more aware. I worked with a few companies now who want this more and more. I expect its because a healthier workplace is a happier and prosperous one!

How valuable a perk do you think it is for employees to be offered access to fresh fruit, cooled water etc as part of their workplace?

Very valuable. I would say its a necessity. If its the difference between making a million pounds or loosing it then why wouldn’t you? If people are fed well they will feel well and do well! it’s not rocket science!!

What is the most popular service you currently offer and why do you think this is?

I offer a range if services but the most popular is the one to one nutrition consultation. This I’d because its a personalised service offering individual needs. Everyone is unique and we all require different things and that’s why I offer this bespoke service.

What kind of information can we expect to find on your blog (

It’s a mixture of stuff – mostly health advice in the form if a blog post. I trybtonstick to current trends. So for example gluten free diets, weight loss tips, improve your digestion.

I have a selection of videos offering similar kinds if tips

I also post recipes in my blog that are healthy and delicious at the same time.

This is the kind of info people want

You have a strong presence on a range of social media sites. What kind of information can we expect to find on each of these?

Similar things on my blog really. I would say its more day to day information so for example updates on what Miss N is doing or has been working on recently. I like to post pictures and get comments from people so they can share things and it starts to build a community.

Are there any nutritional events coming up that you would recommend people attend?

I have an anti ageing event coming up! but also check out the following exhibitions:

Are there any particularly popular diets or methods of dieting that you would recommend people avoid?

Im not a fan of the atkins diet as its too high in bad fats and not enough good carbs but luckily this is of a dying out phase!

The biggest diet right now is the 5:2 diet which involves fasting and reducing your calorie intake. Whilst you can use fasting as a tool I wouldn’t recommend doing it for long periods of time. For more info on this please read my blog post…