10 ways to stay healthy in the office


Are you feeling unhealthy, tired or fatigued at your desk? Here are ten excellent tips that you can easily introduce into your work routine to supercharge yourself for the working week.

Drink plenty of water

A regular intake of water is vital to maintaining good health. Six to eight glasses a day is the recommended intake.  This may seem like a lot but increasing your water intake into your daily routine can be very easily done. For example, try starting the day with a glass first thing in the morning. If your office has a water dispenser then remember to use that as well. If you prefer to stick to hot drinks then that’s not a problem either; tea and coffee will count towards your daily intake as well!

Washing hands regularly

This simple tip can be hugely important in preventing germs passed from others onto yourself as well as from you onto other people.

Eating healthily

This is definitely one the most important point to remember but unfortunately can be one of the hardest to stick to. Try to prepare lunchbox meals in advance for work to prevent having to rely to on nearby food outlets where it can be hard to find an option as healthy as you would prepare yourself. There is a huge array of fantastic healthy lunchbox ideas for work available including salads, sandwiches, wraps ad more. Try resources such as netdoctor.co.uk and bhf.org.uk for some great tips and ideas.


Incorporating walking into your daily routine is an excellent way to improve your overall health and can be very easy to incorporate into your day-to-day routine. If you live too far from your work-place to walk, then a walk during your lunch break is the next best thing. If you have a destination such as shops nearby then this will help to allow the routine become more regular by providing a definite destination to get to and back from.

Swap the lift for the stairs

You don’t always need to be able to make the time for a dedicated gym visit to get a  workout during your work day. Make use of everything around you to increase the amount of exercise you can fit in. One of the most obvious examples is favoring the stairs over the lifts. Just a few flights of stairs each day can go a long way to making your workday more healthy, especially if you need to change floors a lot!


If you are unable to get outside either in your lunch break or any other part of your working day, then the next best thing is to allow the fresh air into your work-space with good ventilation. If you have a window near your desk then make the most of it and use it to keep the air in the office fresh.

Bring in something from home

Bringing an ornament or picture from home can make a huge difference to how you see and feel about your desk. While it’s not a good idea to bring in so many items that your desk may start to become messy or cluttered, a picture or two can have a significant impact on reducing any work stress.

Take meetings outside

The summer weather is finally starting so this is as opportune a time as any to change the traditional location of your office’s meetings and take them outside. Walking meetings are also becoming increasingly popular and are great for incorporating gentle exercise into the equation as well as being out in the fresh air.

Good posture at your desk

Not having the correct posture at your desk can quickly cause health problems. You can spend a great deal of time sat at your desk so it is important to get your posture right. One of the key things to remember here is to adjust your office chair so that the lower part of your back is properly supported. Another good tip is to make sure that your knees are level with your hips. A foot-stall can help to achieve this and can also be useful for allowing your feet to be rested flat, which is another important element for good posture at work.

Change how you travel to work

If you live a walking or cycling distance from your place of work then make this the time to change how you get to and from the office. By ditching your car in favour of walking or cycling, not only will you be making your travel routine to work far more environmentally friendly but you will quickly reap the benefits from the extra exercise.